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1 all the gods of a religion
2 a monument commemorating a nation's dead heroes
3 (antiquity) a temple to all the gods

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see Pantheon



First coined 1300, from Πάνθειον, neuter of πανθείος < πᾶν, neuter of πᾶς + θείος < θεός


  1. a temple dedicated to all the gods
  2. all the gods of a particular people or religion, considered as a group
  3. a category or classification denoting the most honored persons of a group


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Pantheon (from Greek Πάνθειον - pantheion, literally "a temple of all gods") may refer to:
  • Pantheon (gods), a word used to describe the set of gods of a particular religion, mythology, or fictional universe
  • A temple, dedicated to all gods, or to all the gods of a given religion
    • Pantheon, Rome, a temple built (in its present form) circa 125 AD, and dedicated to all the Roman gods, now used as a Christian church
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